Two major ways to earn income. 

Do you have to invest a large amount of money to get started in the business?

What were the annual sales for the company last year?

Our company is a consumer direct marketing company. Our customers buy directly from our companies factories. You do not purchase product for resale. you do not maintain any inventory. You purchase product only for yourself.

No! Our company is not MLM. 

If you can tell a friend of a great place to shop, thats all the skills you need. Using our companies proven methods, credibility and track record, anyone can succeed  Weather you are a freshman in collage or a grandmother. Time patience and persistence are the key to success with our team.

Warning, many other company Reps. will not or cannot answer all these Questions.

$1.3 Billion

Our company manufactures all its own products to ensure quality and freshness monthly, while  other companies subcontract or use private labels. There are no middle men, retail stores, or advertising costs. That saved money is payed back to the customers. (over 4 billion dollars so far.)



Does the team you are working with offer one-on-one mentoring and coaching free of charge/

Is there any potential risk?

Our companies  annual sales for 2015 exceeded $1.3 billion. We are on track for being a $40 billion dollar company. 130,000 new customers in jan. 2016.



Does the company back up claims about their products with scientific research from reputable authorities?

As you have found out its hard (we think impossible) to find a company that meets up to the standards of our company. Compare and contrast all you want with any other company you are checking out and what you will find is that nothing beats what we have to offer. There is no other home-based business with the ethical practices,credibility and impeccable track record that we have.

Does the company have unique products?

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What are the companies customer reorder rate?

Is the company MLM ?

Our Company

What can you earn working with the company?

Does the company show good financial growth? 

Does the marketing team you are working with offer state of the art internet marketing and training web sites to you free of charge?

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Our customers monthly reorder rate is over 95% witch has set the standard for the industry. 

     Looking for a home-based business can be a confusing and frustrating experience. As you may have already found out there are hundreds of different businesses offered on the Internet. Most; however, do not offer a viable means of making long-term residual income. For a business to be successful on or off the Internet certain elements must be in place. Many times people get caught up in the excitement of a presentation for a home business opportunity and forget to do their due diligence.                                                                                       
Use the checklist below to compare any business you are considering to our business.  If the business you are comparing does not meet or exceed the answers given for our company, it makes no sense to proceed further with that other company you are concidering. It is critical to have answers to all the questions, not some or most of them. Representatives of many companies will not be able to answer these questions or choose not to answer them. It should be quite clear that if they cannot provide full disclosure now, how can they be trusted as a partner for the future.                                                                                                                                                             
The business that we represent at YouBuyItDirect.com meets or exceeds all of these requirements. Listen to the person that will be contacting you – they truly are offering you the opportunity to join the Greatest Home Business and a group of partners that will exceed your expectations.


Our marketing team welcomes you as a partner. (free to you) We have many marketing web sites, with your own page on any or all of our websites. (you may choose) We look forward to working with you in helping you earn a residual income to last a lifetime.

Compare Business

Do you have to purchase product and maintain inventory for resale?

Our company backs up all their claims with scientific research from reputable authorities.

Are you required to spend more than $50 a month To earn commissions?


Our company has 100% money back guarantee. 60 days on all products and 90 days on vitamins. Become a trial customer with our company, use any products totally up and still for any reason receive 100% money back.  (no other company does this)



 1. Primary Referral 20% ( a referral  made  by the customer ) and,              2. Secondary Referrals 7% ( any other referral within 7 referrals of the customer ) When any customer makes a purchase, only the last 7 people responsible for them being a customer get paid 51% Residually 

So If You have any ambition and would like more information on our one of a kind business opportunity. Talk to someone on our marketing team. Ask all the questions and if you want, you can get involved with us as a risk free trial customer for two months, and if for any reason our opportunity is not for you and your family, you will receive 100% money back. Our company is the worlds biggest secret. 9 out of 10 people have never heard of our company.  Unlimited residual income for simply referring safer, healthier, smarter home and body products . In Jan. 2016, there were 130,000 new customers that opened an account with our company. 1.3 billion in sales last year and we will be a 40 billion dollar company. Come grow with us. Sincerely, Tim Hoffman. 

Our company and our marketing team both provides one-on-one mentoring and coaching. There is always someone to call.

​How long has the company been in business?

Compare Business

Does the company make consumable products?

Our company owns all its own factories, distrabution centers, office buildings and computer systems, with very little dept. It has a Dun & Bradstreets highest rating of 4A1.

( Multi - level Marketing )

Our company has over 450 products. The more great products available to the customers, the more likely a person or family will remain  customers in your business.

Our company grew by over $83 million dollars last year and our company was on the INC. 500 list of the fastest growing companies 5 years in a row. This is a great achievement since there are over 20 million companies competing to be on the list.

Our company manufactures high quality unique products that you would already be using  and purchacing on a regular  30, 60, and 90 day cycle. The only difference is our products  are higher quality than store bought products, more cost effective, and delivered to your door.

Do you have the opportunity to earn just as much or more than anyone else in the company?


Does the company manufacture all of its own products?

Our company pays ​51% of sales back to customers for simply referring new customers to safer, healthier, smarter, home and body products, that every household is already purchasing at retail outlets.

There is no risk to you or anybody that you simply refer.  Become a trial customer for 2 months, and if you decide that our company is not what you were looking for you will receive a full refund on the products (even after using them all up.) and your membership fee. Also while building your business you will not hurt anybody !

30 Years

We have been in business for over 30 years. Watch out for new, startup businesses, remember, 1 in 1000 businesses ever make it to their 5th year.

Do you need special sales ability or talents to succeed?


Spending approx. $50. a month is the requirement to receive preferred customer status ( 30% to 40% discount ) and receive residual income monthly from simply referring new customers to safer, healthier, more cost effective products. ( What would stop anybody from becoming a trial customer?)


You can make more money than the person that referred you and joining an unproven startup company can be devastating to yourself, friends and family when odds are against you being successful. (again only 1 in a 1000 reach the 5th year without failing)


​Our company has many unique products with proprietary formulas with jaw dropping results and several patented products.





Since our company sells direct to its customers, the company takes all orders, delivers all products, collects all moneys and takes care of refunds. Your customer base is serviced 100% by the company. The only work you do is simply refer people to be a Trial customer, 100% risk free!

Business Analyzer

What percentage of sales are being paid back to Business Builders?


Our only requirement is a $29.00 registration fee that is 100% refundable within 120 days. (risk free)

Last year the top earner with our company topped $2,000,000.00 , while many earned $100, $500, $1,000 And $10,000 a month and we can prove it. Our company publishes all our income statistics every year so you can see what we earn.

How many products does the company have?


Do you have to collect money for product sales?

Is the company financially sound?




Does the company guarantee their products?