> The exclusive rights to market more than 480 wellness products protected by dozens of patents and trade secrets.

> One of the internet's most visited shopping websites equipped with an advanced internet ordering system that is already programmed and ready to take your customers orders. Again, at no charge to you.

> You'll have over$80 million of inventory located in strategic locations all over the world ready to be delivered to your customers at a moment's notice. And yet you will not need to invest one single penny in that inventory!

> An elite staff of PHDs and research scientists working full time to continually upgrade and enhance your existing product line and aggressively develop new products that are both science-based and naturally derived. And those scientists don't cost you a penny.

 We are your support team @ YouBuyItDirect.com . You can partner with us developing YouBuyItDirect.com/your state, province, name or profession or come up with your own marketing ideas that we will support in every way.                                                                                                                                                                                        You cant beat having your own manufacturing  company that manages every aspect of your business that has no competition because the over 480 products are not advertised anywhere in the world and not for sale in any store in the world. This is what you get with your franchise.

While it may sound to good to be true to receive this much value for your $29, the good news is that it is true. Your membership fee of $29 qualifies you to start your business at no additional investment whatsoever. And with some hard work and dedication, the return on that investment can be enormous! In the investment world, there is really nothing like it. We are proud to have you as our partner in building this exciting business.

> The use of over one million square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities in both the eastern and western United States, at no charge to you. We are also set up Internationally.

> A stable of top tier attorneys who are there to make sure your business that your business is in compliance with all state and federal laws. And these attorneys will charge you nothing for their services!

> A staff of over 600 men and women who are ready and trained to work for you eight hours a day and ready to take the orders of your customers. - At no charge to you.                                                                                                                                                    

> Immediate use of over $110 million of manufacturing facilities and equipment to produce your products.

> Over 1400 marketing, finance, and IT executives and professionals to support the needs of your business. And all these employees will work hard for you every single day and will not charge you a penny!

> Over $120 million of computer hardware and software that are already running programs to support your business. at no charge to you.

> A professional finance team who will collect all sales tax from sales to your customers and pay all the appropriate municipalities the sales taxes due to them. And this very valuable service, worth tens of thousands of dollars, will cost you absolutely nothing!

> You'll not need to collect a single check or process a single order yourself,competent employees will process every order for you from each one of your customers. They will collect the money from your customer for you and make sure that your customers order will be shipped within 24 hours and delivered to the home of your customer within just a few short days. And you'll be charged absolutely nothing for that service!

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